The Filthy Tongues - Back to Hell

The new album from The Filthy Tongues out April 21st

The Filthy Tongues' 2016 debut album Jacob's Ladder received rave reviews with its literary musings on their hometown of Edinburgh.

The follow up, Back to Hell, delves deeper with menace, dark lyrics and claustrophobic soundscapes in spades. It's coming out soon...

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The debut album Jacob's Ladder

This album is a colossal, brooding behemoth of a record.

It's all about Auld Reekie, the Athens of the North, call it what you will, Edinburgh even; the ancient, the gothic, the stuck up and the down right dirty, all the denizens of this fine city's past and present are to be found here in one guise or another.

A celebration, of sorts, a lament certainly, to the city that is the spiritual home of The Filthy Tongues.


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For those uninitiated in the ways of the Tongues, here's a brief crash course in their intriguing history

The core members of the band - Martin Metcalfe on vocals and guitar, Derek Kelly on drums and Fin Wilson on bass guitar - have been making music together since the 80's.

In a colourful career they've worked and toured with Blondie, The Ramones, Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth, Vic Chesnutt, New York Dolls, Big Audio Dynamite, Aztec Camera and many more.

In the late 80's and early 90's Goodbye Mr MacKenzie were on the cusp of big things in the UK and Europe before record company wrangles, and a shift in direction, saw them morph into Angelfish, tour the States extensively and bring the singing talents of Shirley Manson to the fore.

With Manson then moving on and going global with Garbage, Metcalfe & Co returned to the UK and recorded further albums in their former guise before forming Isa & The Filthy Tongues, releasing another two fine bodies of stark and enthralling work, Addiction and Dark Passenger, both of which received five star reviews.

The band also wrote music for Richard Jobson's film New Town Killers and their track Big Star featured on the soundtrack to David MacKenzie's Hollywood film Spread.

Over the years critics have recognised The Pixies, Echo and the Bunnymen, Joy Division, Nick Cave and Scott Walker influences, and other plumbers of the murky musical depths, but the style of this ever evolving band remains strikingly and individually their own.

This could well be their finest material yet . . .

Current Band Line up:

Martin Metcalfe: Guitar & Lead Vocals
Finlay Wilson: Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals
Derek Kelly: Drums & Backing Vocals
Alex Shedlock: Keyboard & Guitar
Asim Rasool: Percussion
Susannah Clark: Viola & Violin


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